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Stacking machine PS 160/200

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Insulating machine NIM160V

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Coil- winding machine WMA1 V

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Coil inserting Machine CIM 160/200

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Coil inserting machine with intermediate forming system CIM160/200 ZF

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Winding head prefotm / final forming machine EFP 360 2R

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Winding head preform / final forming machine EFP 300

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Winding head preform / final forming machine EFP 160

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Winding head lacing machine Gassner/Link 975

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Coil winding & inserting machine WEK 2
  • 2 Coil winding machine
  • 1 Coil inserting machine
  • 1 Three Roundtable

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  • 5 Gassner Coil Windingmachine
  • 1 used Coil Insertingmachine from Statomat witch
  • is modified from Company Gassner
  • 1 Intermediate Forming Machine
  • 1 Lace Machine
  • 1 End Forming Machine
  • 25 Inserting Tool, upper part
  • 1 Wedge Tooling
  • 1 Intermediate Forming Tool
  • 1 Lacing Tool
  • 1 End Forming Tool

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Used machines
    If you are interested in a used machine have, whether Gansser or a third-party, please ask us.
    On request, we optimize your used machine on the day the latest technical standard

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